A word on #Twitter Lists

Let’s see if I can explain this without images…

Beware! If you’re not currently using Twitter, I suggest you get an account and play around with it for a while before checking out Twitter Lists. I wrote an article in Dutch, which is called “Twitter voor Jip en Janneke”. If you don’t understand Dutch, then maybe Wikipedia has the solution.

Due to the nature of Following people on Twitter, Twitter is an excellent tool for networking. It allows you to find people based on what they wrote or where they wrote it. And from now on you can make lists using Twitter Lists!

Anyone (with a Twitter account) can make a list. The list can then follow other people and of course others can follow your list. Repeat this sentence out loud.

It sounds simple and it is, but it has huge potential.

The following URL shows which lists are following me:

Of course you can find me on our own team list of Punt & Partners automatisering, @ppaut/team but I happened to see I also got listed on @Lars_Schenk/developers (probably because Lars, whom I don’t know yet, thinks I’m a developer, which is basically not far from the truth) and I’m listed on @tweepguide/nl-iphone (probably because I tweet about my #iPhone on a regular basis).

@Lars_Schenk was the first stranger to enlist me, so I went out and checked his blog to see what he was all about. I discovered he’s a German who blogs using WordPress, just like I do! He also writes articles in his native language, as well as English, which is why I tweeted to inform him about WPML, the free system to make your WordPress blog multilingual! @Lars_Schenk was very happy with that, he tweeted back, which is exactly what Twitter Lists are all about: More Contact!

I hope my article was useful to you. The link below shows you what the Twitter blog has to say about their own Twitter Lists. Happy tweeting! :-)

Twitter Blog: Soon to Launch: Lists

Can we get #plugin support in @WordPress for #BlackBerry? #FeatureRequest #wpml

I really love my BlackBerry and I really love WordPress. Earlier this week, an application was released that brings the two together: WordPress for BlackBerry. Great!

Now, I speak more than just one language and I’m using WPML to make my weblog multilingual. Great!

Problem is: I can’t use WordPress for BlackBerry to post in any other language than the native language of my weblog (which is Dutch). Now, I could post using my BlackBerry and change the language with a browser afterwards, but that’s probably the least interesting option. Besides: I understand it probably doesn’t make sense for WordPress to add built-in support for just WPML. Therefore I think it could be interesting for WordPress to investigate the possibility of supporting plugins within a wider context.
If the owner of a WordPress blog uses and trusts a certain plugin, why wouldn’t the WordPress for BlackBerry (don’t forget the iPhone) app “inherit” additional database fields, post features and offer there through the app?

Amir told me he hasn’t got a BlackBerry (yet) so I posted a few pictures to illustrate:

Thanks for reading this and feel free to comment or contact to me.

#WPML 1.0.2 for #WordPress is out!

As I logged on to my WordPress Dashboard this morning, I found out that WPML version 1.0.2 had been released! Unfortunately the automatic upgrade didn’t work in one go. Automatic reactivation of the upgrade plugin failed, but when I manually activated it afterwards, it worked. It looks a tiny bit fast than the old version… Now I have to go and see if I can find the Change Log. WPML is a WordPress plugin that allows you to make your WordPress multilingual. Not its content (although there is a built-in option that allows you to have your posts translated by a human in exchange for a little money), but the plugin is a technical solution that allows you to translate your posts and everything else that’s required to make your visitors experience your blog in their language.

Click here for the WPML website

@WPML breaks #PressIt! bookmarklet for #WordPress. Hey dude, where’s my post?!? #wtf

I was just reporting my discovery of WPML, when I found out that the built-in PressIt! bookmarklet doesn’t work in combination with WPML. My post had disappeared, so I decided to report this phenomenon first and then rewrite my bilingual post on WPML… :-(

Come on, Dae! This is not bad. This is the best way to learn and never forget :-)

Besides: Rewriting an article gives you more time to think things over and come back stronger with a better post…

BTW: I recopied/repasted the bookmarklet (maybe WPML had changed it and I needed new, updated code) and retried with a test post, but nothing happened, although my WP-to-Twitter Plugin picked it up and posted a broken link on Twitter… Delete tweet and copying this post to my clipboard this time, in case something goes wrong… I’ll be back!

Edit: I had WPML Setting “Language name as a parameter”, but switching it to “Different languages in directories” restored WP-to-Twitter functionality. Yay! :-)

Now I need to thing if I really want double tweets for every bilingual post… It does give me the opportunity to name my posts in the language they’re written in and get them tweeted in the same way. I’m just not sure if I will end up having a dutch Twitter account and an english one. I have a feeling the world isn’t ready yet for multilingual weblogs in conjunction with Twitter… What do yóu think?