McAfee : Truth or Dare? – Update

I changed the Auto Update Feature.
It defaults to Weekly, but I thought it’d be nice to set it to When Computer Is Idle.
Secondly, I activated the On Demand Scanning, since I think that that’s what an antivirus program should be doing.
Unfortunately I already witnessed the first Outlook 2003 crashes since McAfee installation.
It appeared that McAfee installed a plugin for email scanning, but it can cause Outlook to hang upon start.
When closed with force, Outlook then asked if I wanted to disable this McAfee plugin.
Although my instinct told me to disable it, I chose to give it one more try and… Guess what?
It worked the second time!
I told the local users to keep their eyes open and be very alert. Especially regarding computer stability (or the possible absence of stability).
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