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Since the beginning of the PC era, the vast majority of our clients have been running on Windows and so have we.

In December 2011 it became possible to run Windows and MacOS simultaneously using Parallels, so I bought my first MacBook Air. The Mac I use nowadays is my third Mac (MacBook pro) and it’s running 10.12, a Developer Preview of macOS Sierra.

During Apple’s presentation of the Apple Watch early 2015, they reported a 2% decline of the PC market during the past year, while the Mac market grew by a stunning 21%! I’m expecting a lot more Mac in the offices of our clients. Anyway: we’re ready for Mac!

Besides Parallels I’m using VMWare Fusion, although there are some technical difficulties with their Windows 10 Technical Preview support. Parallels can run Windows 10 without any problems.

A while ago I encountered the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. It features a crystal clear multitouch display and a removable keyboard. Without the keyboard it is a nice tablet, that can stand straight up by using the built-in kickstand. It ships with Windows 8, but I’m running a Developer Preview of Windows 10. There’s a docking station in my office that allows easy charging. Peripherals are connected to the docking station instead of the laptop. Microsoft calls it “The tablet that can replace your laptop”. I think it’s a wonderful computer and I’m using it every day, next to my Mac. Windows is alive and kicking!