Rest in peace, #U3 #RIP

After years of non-usage I have to conclude that U3 didn’t make it. It simply didn’t bring what it promised me, so today I’m removing U3 from my U3 stick, making it a normal 4 GB USB stick. I did Check For Updates to find out that I was already using the latest version of the Launchpad, which should be version 1.6, according to the website. It’s impossible I got this version, unless the news is over a year old or the Auto Update Feature doesn’t work. My native language is Dutch and the Launchpad (whatever version) doesn’t speak it. The U3 App Store has only uninteresting and overpriced applications; it’s simply all a waste of time. Just give me my 4 GB back. Please…

Bring the power of portable software to your USB flash drive – make it a U3 smart drive!

BlackBerry OS5 on my Bold so far

I’ve been using this new OS for one whole day now and I encountered the following things:

My language is set to Dutch. When I lock my BlackBerry and I press a key, the menu pops op, showing ‘Vergrendel’ as the first option. Funny, because ‘Vergrendel’ means: Lock! When I switch language to English, it says Unlock as it should. Doesn’t really matter, because when I want to unlock my BlackBerry I always start typing the unlock password, so I never see the menu anyway.

When I set language to English, the ‘Text löschen’ disappears, so I guess somebody at RIM must have been sleeping and mixed up Dutch and German (Germans call their language Deutsch, which looks a bit like Dutch after a good night out with your friend Jack Daniels; it doesn’t only go wrong at RIM).

I was warned in advance, but I do indeed suffer from random reboots during browsing, so I’ll stop browsing on my BlackBerry, which was no fun anyway, because I did get a lot of Entity Too Big messages, meaning that BlackBerries can’t deal with large amounts of HTML and the internet is not likely to change for BlackBerries, so the BlackBerries have to change at one point. We just haven’t reached that point yet 😉 Besides: more and more websites use Flash, making the BlackBerry browsing experience probably the worst browsing experience imaginable in the ongoing absence of Flash support for the BlackBerry.

If I’d have to bet and predict the future of Flash support for mobiles, I’d place my money on the iPhone, which has Safari today – a “real” browser and already offers a way better experience than the BlackBerry. Browsing the internet on a BlackBerry sucks and especially with this OS version…

I do still see a lot of interesting new features (I wrote about Follow Up Flagging yesterday) so I’m gonna stick with this OS for a while and forget browsing…