m0n0wall : Forget Smoothwall

Ok. You were running a Smoothwall and you made a mistake.
It can happen to anybody.
Fortunate enough, you just heard about m0n0wall and it’s not too late yet!
Forget Smoothwall and get your own free copy of m0n0wall!
It features a built-in VPN server with support for PPTP and IPSec (haven’t tested it yet), passthrough for PPTP Server on LAN , traffic shaping and lots of other cool stuff.
Unfortunatly my old Pentium IBM box at home doesn’t support booting off CDROM’s that were burned after WO II, so I decided to dd the image directly from hard disk from my Gentoo box and I had a no nonsense replacement for my former Smoothwall after 10 minutes!
Wow! I love it!
A quick start guide on m0n0wall