John & Lana : Happy Wedding!!!

Dear Lana & John,

You are probably very busy taking care of your wedding and everything and I hope in the meantime you’ll have enough time to enjoy yourselves.
I was thinking of a nice way to let you know that we’ll all watch your wedding online tomorrow evening and at the same time I didn’t want to email a 30MB video message to you, as it will probably take a lot of time to POP it from Vegas (provided that you’ll see it before your wedding anyway).
Fortunate enough I recently bought a very nice camera that allowed us to record this message. I hope you’ll be able to play it (just press the Play button) and enjoy it for as long and often as you want (even after your wedding!).
Anyway: Lots of good luck tomorrow and love from everybody in The Netherlands, Russia and The Rest Of The World 🙂
Have a v e r y nice wedding and lots of love together!!!