CIFS VFS : Allowing User Mounts

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Allowing User Mounts
To permit users to mount and unmount over directories they own is possible
with the cifs vfs. A way to enable such mounting is to mark the mount.cifs
utility as suid (e.g. “chmod +s /sbin/mount/cifs). To enable users to
umount shares they mount requires
1) mount.cifs version 1.4 or later
2) an entry for the share in /etc/fstab indicating that a user may
unmount it e.g.
//server/usersharename /mnt/username cifs user 0 0

Note that when the mount.cifs utility is run suid (allowing user mounts),
in order to reduce risks, the “nosuid” mount flag is passed in on mount to
disallow execution of an suid program mounted on the remote target.
When mount is executed as root, nosuid is not passed in by default,
and execution of suid programs on the remote target would be enabled
by default. This can be changed, as with nfs and other filesystems,
by simply specifying “nosuid” among the mount options. For user mounts
though to be able to pass the suid flag to mount requires rebuilding
mount.cifs with the following flag:

gcc samba/source/client/mount.cifs.c -DCIFS_ALLOW_USR_SUID -o mount.cifs

There is a corresponding manual page for cifs mounting in the Samba 3.0 and
later source tree in docs/manpages/mount.cifs.8